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Words of Welcome

Dear Colleagues,

Kongresspräsident 2013 Andreas Schuler, DEGUM
Kongresspräsident 2013 Andreas Schuler, DEGUM
Congress President 2013 Fabio Piscagli, EFSUMB
Congress President 2013
Fabio Piscaglia, EFSUMB

we would very much like to invite you to the 25th Euroson Congress in conjunction with the 37th Dreilaendertreffen in Stuttgart from 09 – 12th October 2013.

Due to the Congress motto „Science and Education“ all new techniques and scientific work will be presented in scientific meetings. Special topics will be worked up in Categorical Courses under several aspects within a whole day, whereas refresher courses will focus on implications and concernings of ultrasound applications in daily practice. State of the Art and special lectures will give overviews to complete the update. Training sessions throughout the congress will strengthen the practical approach taught by europeans specialists in all ultrasound fields to optimize every participants skills. Other main topics will be ultrasound in guidelines, sonography and other imaging modalities in oncology, ultrasound as a strategical clinical tool and first imaging method as well as economical aspects of imaging.

But Stuttgart is not only a place to work hard – lots of nice places and events are to be detected. The city of automobiles inherits the museums of Mercedes and Porsche. Most famous beside the wine valleys nearby, the smaller towns with their “Fachwerk-Houses” as well as the mountains and caves of the “Schwäbische Alb” are literature and music. The Friedrich Schiller German National Museum of Literature is nearby in Marbach. The Stuttgart Opera, Ballet and Theaters were elected best in Germany for years.

So we are looking forward to welcoming you in Stuttgart for sounds of several wave lengths: staying with ultrasound friends at the Euroson and Dreilaendertreffen joint meeting in October 2013.

  • Fabio Piscaglia
    President EFSUMB, Congress President
  • Andreas Schuler
    DEGUM, Kongresspräsident